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Monday, July 14, 2014

Infertility, My Journey

I recently began IUI treatments for unexplained fertility and I wanted to start documenting my journey. It's been 3 years that my husband and I have been trying for a pregnancy with no luck. We tried alternative methods to conceive without drugs/western medicine and after having no success, we made the decision to seek help from a fertility specialist. 

I began a low dose of Clomid about two weeks ago, flash forward to today and two ultrasounds, there was still no antral follicle change (boo).  I've been perscribed a higher dose of Clomid, which I will take for 5 days. I'm a bit apprehensive about upping my dosage, but at the same time hopeful that we'll see a change. 

Although we didn't see a change in my follicles, I was very relieved to find out that my HSG test came back normal, there is no blockage! There's so many emotional ups and downs going through this process and I'm fighting to stay optimistic throughout it all. 

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